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Avoid Pitfalls in the Logo Design

All you need is a good idea about a logo design and a perfect tool to make that idea on screen. Website designing is the much easier task but a logo design is difficult to implement because it is not about picking some shades and here you go.

Value creating asset

If you observe the logo of Nike you will get to know that a brand logo plays an important role in the success of the brand. This is swoosh which was only cost $35 at that time. A student made this logo and this was one of the less pathetic designs in all so the company accepted this. It is one of the brands which excites the customers a lot with the best services. Not many logos can have the ability to talk to the customer. Nike is one of the logos which is famous and that brand talks to the customers. Some designs are more than infusing pixels with colors.

Logos that suck here is why
One of the famous logos is of Starbucks mermaid the face is changing with every enhancement. This is one of the seductive charms which is telling the perfection of coffee. This is now kind of boring topic for most of the audience. This logo is representing the old adventurous story of the mermaid which sounds not interesting anymore to the customers. Starbuck made its repute with the best taste of the coffee which can leave your mouth-watering. The logo is made in the stores of the Starbucks and also on the cups which they give to the customer filled with yummilicious coffee. Logo of Starbuck is the leading way and most of the fans of the coffee are choosing this brand as their first choice.

What makes a Logo Great?

You have to keep in mind the creative but simple idea on which you are going to make a logo. A logo is telling all the details about the company this is one of the right thinking of the people. When you will make a logo design beautifully then you will be able to make a website design too. But first, you have to make a logo with emotional attachment otherwise it will never capture the tall order for your company. Coca-Cola is one of the best logos which is made perfectly. In 1886 which this logo was designed originally. When you purchase this cold drink you actually get to know what you are actually paying for.

The basic shapes are also becoming famous in the market and with that, some of the brands are just using the typeface which is making the logo unique. Companies in Dubai are doing a lot of effort to make a design look good. It also increases the business in the targeted audience and let them see what your company actually look like. On the other hand, the logo is telling services of the company.

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